JoyceLee Walther

               Author of the upcoming book 

Customer Testimonials


     "I have consulted with JoyceLee many times with the dreams that have come to me, including ones of friends who have passed. She is always helping me find a positive outlook on life and on my dreams. Thank you JoyceLee, I am a better person for having known you.
God bless.

- Kathy Lynn Killian, Administrative Assistant, Philadelphia University


       "I have known JoyceLee for many years and she has always been a positive life coach for me through many of my life's endeavors. Thank you JoyceLee for your patience a non-judgmental ear, and an always friendly smile. You have supported, more than you know."

- Loretta Walsh, Nurses Aid, Retirement home


     "Hi Joyce, I need your services and you know why just from the short time we where together. In two days you taught me so much and I need to continue this positive life style. Please contact me, I am trying to change things as of today. "        It was such a pleasure seeing you it's been a long time. I cannot wait to get a copy of your book. While you where here I learned so much. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Can't wait to see you again!!! It was to short of a visit. Luv ya Annie

- Annie Miller , Home Health Care, FL. U.S.A.

 Ugo and I had the pleasure of meeting you at Sunset Beach, Treasure Island and you shot our picture on the paddle board. Please forward pictures and let me know when your book comes out. Thanks....
                                                              David Goldberg   FL. U.S.A.            
Your testimony coming soon ~