JoyceLee Walther

               Author of the upcoming book 


Feature film by Matthew Delia        

Voice over as judge                    

Here at Raymond Aaron's
 "Women In Power 2016" 
Sharon Lechter editor &  annotations  to 
Napolian Hill's "Outwitting the Devil" 
Cheryl Chapman author of 
The Devil the angel & you
Thank You Aaron !!!


The Condo movie (I am feature as dealer, center)

Voiceover credit in "The Deal" as "The Judge"

"Without You"

"Without You"

Demo Reel

"Offstage Elements"

Learning with Tamara Anderson

View on youTube Here

Cooking Video

My Eggs and things cooking video


Testifying at Honolulu Hale 

"This is discipline without love," said JoyceLee Walther, who testified against the measure. "They go hand in hand."

Testifying against yet another bill when the first several did not accomplish said solution to thee problem


I am going to try to continue my blog on this page since the other does not work

her we go .......


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